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NBCSC Inspector’s Roles and Responsibility

1.0 Appointment of Inspectors

The Commission may appoint in writing a person as an inspector for the purpose of ensuring compliance with this Act and the regulations.

2.0 Assignments

2.1 The Commission shall assign an Inspector to an event for which a permit has been approved.

2.2 The Commission shall advise the event promoter of the assignment of the Inspector.

3.0 Roles

3.1 At least 30 days prior to the event, the Inspector shall contact the promoter and set up a meeting to review the following:

3.1.1 The event venue including the floor plan, the position of the ring, the contestant dressing rooms, officials’ room(s), judging positions, ringside medical position.

3.1.2 The security arrangements to protect the participants.

3.2 The Inspector shall attend the weigh-in of the Contestants and note the weights of each contestant.

3.2.1 The Inspector shall advise any contestant who does not make weight of the consequences.

3.2.2 The Inspector must be present when any contestant given an additional hour to make weight is re-weighed.

3.2.3 The Inspector shall meet with any contestant who does not make weight either after the hour of weight loss, or any fighter who would have been required to lose an additional 3% of body weight or more to make weight, along with the event promoter and the opponent to determine whether the bout should be held or cancelled.

3.3 On the day of the event, but prior to its beginning, the Inspector shall:

3.3.1 Review the event floor plan,

3.3.2 Shall review the security arrangements with the head of security to ensure that all the agreed upon conditions have been met.

3.3.3 The Inspector shall advise the promoter of any issues that need to be addressed before the event can proceed.

3.3.4 The Inspector shall meet with the Ringside Medical Practitioners and the Referee(s) to review roles and responsibilities during the event.

3.4 During the event, the Inspector shall monitor the proceedings and ensure that:

3.4.1 The contestants have adequate security to and from their dressing rooms to the combat area.

3.4.2 The officials have adequate security to and from their dressing rooms to the combat area.

3.4.3 The combat area is secure.

3.4.4 That at least one Medical Practitioner is ringside during all bouts.

3.4.5 That the result of each bout is recorded and that the judging slips from any bout that goes to a decision are collected after the announcement of the result.

3.5 Immediately following the event, the Inspector shall meet with the Ringside Medical Practitioner and obtain the list of contestant injury suspensions or required follow-ups.

3.6 Following the event, the Inspector shall provide the Commission with a full report on the event covering all the key areas: security, the venue, results, medical suspensions and any other comments.

4.0 Powers of an Inspector

4.1 The Commission shall issue to every inspector a certificate of appointment and every inspector, in the execution of his or her duties under this Act or the regulations, shall produce his or her certificate of appointment on request.

4.2 For the purpose of determining whether the Act, the regulations, the conditions of an event permit or licence are being complied with, an inspector, in carrying out an inspection may, at any reasonable time, enter and inspect any premises in the Province where an event is being held or is to be held.

4.3 Before or after attempting to enter a place referred to in subsection (1), an inspector may apply for an entry warrant under the Entry Warrants Act.

4.4 An inspector shall not enter a private dwelling under subsection (1) unless the inspector is entering in one of the following circumstances:

4.4.1 the inspector is entering with the consent of a person who appears to be an adult and an occupant of the dwelling; or

4.4.2 the inspector has obtained an entry warrant under the Entry Warrants Act4.4.2 the inspector has obtained an entry warrant under the Entry Warrants Act

4.5 During an inspection, an inspector may do any of the following:

4.5.1 require to be produced for inspection, or for the purpose of obtaining copies or extracts, any record or document relevant to the inspection; and

4.5.2 make those examinations and inquiries of any person that the inspector considers necessary for the purpose of ensuring compliance with this Act and the regulations.

4.5.3 Immediately on demand by an inspector, a person shall produce a record or document required by the inspector under subsection (4).

4.6 An inspector acting under this section may request the assistance of a peace officer.

4.7 An inspector may order an event to be stopped if the inspector is satisfied that

4.7.1 the Commission has not issued an event permit for the event;

4.7.2 or the health or safety of the persons participating in or attending the event is at risk.

4.8 An inspector may order an event to be stopped or suspended if the inspector is satisfied that there has been a contravention of the Act, the regulations or the conditions of the event permit.

4.9 An inspector may allow an event to resume after ordering a suspension under subsection (2), if the contravention has been rectified to the inspector’s satisfaction.

4.10 If an inspector orders an event stopped or suspended under this section the inspector shall, within 48 hours after the order, put the contents of the order into writing and shall serve it on each person to whom the order was directed.

5.0 Reporting

5.1 The Inspector shall provide the Commission with a written report on the event.

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